2 Most Beautiful 10 minute workout

1. Sour New Year's Weight Loss Plan #fit #WeightLossProgramsMen – Fitness

Saure Neujahrs Gewichtsverlust Plan #fit #WeightLossProgramsMen – Fitness

Sour New Year's weight loss plan #fit #WeightLossProgramsMen. #gewichtsverlust #neujahrs #acid

2. 10 minute bodyweight workout using the P.A.U.L.

10 Minuten Bodyweight-Workout nach der P.A.U.L.-Methode

Do you already know P.A.U.L.? This training method stands for a quick 10-minute workout that you can easily do at home. It was developed by certified personal trainer Dani Singer. In our video, the two trainers Anna-Lena Vahle and Nicole Heintke show you how to get fit with four different bodyweight exercises. #workoutvideo


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